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Slippery Mike

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Slippery Mike
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It’s Slippery Mike


The Odd Connections

Slippery Mike has been playing and performing all over Europe for over 40 yrs. on guitar, folk to country – banjo, bluegrass to jazz – mandolin, melodies from Ireland to the United States.
Known, liked and enjoyed by many great personalities of the entertainment business, Slippery Mike’s 30 year old show combines his personal tastes, from classical to the ridiculous, his musical capabilities and his talent to make almost anything, to create a show which replaces missing musicians with a purposeful imagination, the result being a cabaret show, not just music, that is unique and entertaining.

As times change the machine has also changed. The first Odd Connections was an acoustic and mechanical masterpiece weighing 25 kilos and combing over 30 sounds. Now it stands on the ground and provides an even more impressive sight.

Mike has made everything himself, which has lead people to make comments like …

“I thought it was a 5 piece jug band.”
“After 15 years there are still surprises.”
“A man of many talents.”
“A musician of this quality is unique, like a precious gem, a rarity, and unfortunately, one of a dying race .”

Slippery Mike is an experience you will never forget …

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